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Hi my name is Janice and I help Sue run the group. Hopefully we will be able to keep this blog up and running. There will be loads of photos of all our cards, and other completed projects.
Come along if you want to learn how to do stitching on cards. We are a friendly lot!!
Call Sue Willmouth on 01322 663781 or me Janice 07546539515 for more information.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Ladies have been hard at it this week

Hi Everyone
I told the ladies this afternoon that I wouldn't be putting their work on here today, so now they are in for a shock.
With my dodgy eyes (seeing blurred, double and wonky) I can sort of focus on the laptop as it is bright, so I am having a go at these.  When my eyes get fixed then that will be a different matter.

Well here goes. The first ones are from a lovely lady named Sue, she hasn't been with us very long but is doing excellent work, I am sure you will agree.
Her first item is a lovely gilded key holder, it is approx 10" long so will take lots of keys

Then a couple of cards by Sue

Now for some cards by Dee, she is very into the concertina folding, I think they are lovely

And now for cards by the very talented Sandy. 

Well I think you will all agree, beautiful work by talented ladies.

I might get round to putting something on my blog (eventually) haha!!

Please feel free to comment on these the ladies will be so chuffed, maybe next week we will have more

Take Care Sue xx

Monday, 19 September 2016

Cards and folded book

Hi Everyone

Well I am going to give it a try to display some of the lovely projects made by our ladies at the Stitching Friends Craft Club.

First of all here are 4 cards made by Grace. I am sure you will agree that they are lovely, in particular the Pepper Pig Exploding box, with the handsome little face peeping over the top.

Now for a gorgeous book folded  by Dee for a Special Friend.  She is doing really well with the designs and is doing them very quickly, I am sure you will agree they are gorgeous.

And finally a beautiful card made by Sandy for her dear neighbour. As usual her cards are gorgeous

She has certainly cracked the are of making flowers, don't you agree

That's all for this week, comments would be very much appreciated by the ladies.

Hopefully will have more to show very soon

Take care everyone Sue xx