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Hi my name is Janice and I help Sue run the group. Hopefully we will be able to keep this blog up and running. There will be loads of photos of all our cards, and other completed projects.
Come along if you want to learn how to do stitching on cards. We are a friendly lot!!
Call Sue Willmouth on 01322 663781 or me Janice 07546539515 for more information.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Some more items from the Ladies at the club

Hi Everyone It has been rather a long time since I last posted on here. So at last here are some more makes from the ladies.

This one from Maureen, they are Innocent Smoothies toppers, she is making them for charity. They are really cute

Below are a folded book by Irene. Beautifully decorated

Lovely spring coloured card by Maureen, beautifully stitched and put together

Beautifully Stitched card from Pam, very delicate

This is a lovely bag by Sandy, could only get a photo of it laying down.
sorry doesn't do it justice

Finally a great pop up card from Janice. It is really unusual, it's hexagon shaped but folds flat for posting.
You have to just push up it's bottom to get it flat (if you will excuse description LOL!!)

Well that's it for now, hope to get to put some on more regularly.

Any comments will be appreciated by the ladies, I have just got to get them
to put comments on

Have a good week everyone

Monday, 7 November 2016

Some more makes

Hi Everyone,

Here are just a few more makes from the ladies. I haven't been at the club since having my cataract done and have found it a bit difficult to sort them out.
Hopefully things will be a bit more positive and I can get some more on here.

Here are 3 cards and a lovely Family of fluffy knits by Pam.  Sorry I can't remember who did the cards but I am sure they will know.
All said and done they are all lovely.

That's it for now hopefully I can put some more on next week.

Comments would really be appreciated, thanks for looking in

Love Sue xx

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Few more from the ladies

Hi Everyone
Here a few more items from the ladies at the club.  They are busy little bees, keeping me on my toes to keep up with posts on this blog.
The writing will be minimum as I am trying to keep 3 blogs on the go.

Check out  please comment on there, she is getting frustrated not getting too many comments, bless her.  I am the one doing the blog for her.

Mine might be worth having a look at sometime (if I ever get chance to update it haha)

These 2 lovely cards by Carol

Cute little bags by Dee

Made from paper and she is going to give demo on Friday

Beautiful Beaded and stitched Umbrella by Grace

Four love Christmas cards stitched and beaded by Linda

Beautiful jumper knitted by Irene.

Sorry Irene don't know where the colour has gone LOL!!

To anyone who hasn't seen it it is a lovely shade of Blue.

(never mind can't win em all)

Well that's it for this week, I will do some more next week and maybe get something on my blog. 

Take care
Love Sue xx

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Ladies have been hard at it this week

Hi Everyone
I told the ladies this afternoon that I wouldn't be putting their work on here today, so now they are in for a shock.
With my dodgy eyes (seeing blurred, double and wonky) I can sort of focus on the laptop as it is bright, so I am having a go at these.  When my eyes get fixed then that will be a different matter.

Well here goes. The first ones are from a lovely lady named Sue, she hasn't been with us very long but is doing excellent work, I am sure you will agree.
Her first item is a lovely gilded key holder, it is approx 10" long so will take lots of keys

Then a couple of cards by Sue

Now for some cards by Dee, she is very into the concertina folding, I think they are lovely

And now for cards by the very talented Sandy. 

Well I think you will all agree, beautiful work by talented ladies.

I might get round to putting something on my blog (eventually) haha!!

Please feel free to comment on these the ladies will be so chuffed, maybe next week we will have more

Take Care Sue xx

Monday, 19 September 2016

Cards and folded book

Hi Everyone

Well I am going to give it a try to display some of the lovely projects made by our ladies at the Stitching Friends Craft Club.

First of all here are 4 cards made by Grace. I am sure you will agree that they are lovely, in particular the Pepper Pig Exploding box, with the handsome little face peeping over the top.

Now for a gorgeous book folded  by Dee for a Special Friend.  She is doing really well with the designs and is doing them very quickly, I am sure you will agree they are gorgeous.

And finally a beautiful card made by Sandy for her dear neighbour. As usual her cards are gorgeous

She has certainly cracked the are of making flowers, don't you agree

That's all for this week, comments would be very much appreciated by the ladies.

Hopefully will have more to show very soon

Take care everyone Sue xx

Saturday, 20 December 2014


On behalf of Sue and myself, a big thank-you to all the ladies in the group for our lovely basket of flowers. Very much appreciated.

Here's to 2015 and a good year for crafting , laughing and friends xxxxx

Friday, 19 December 2014

Stitching Friends and Kentish Crafters Xmas party.....

On Friday "Stitching Friends" and "Kentish Crafters" had a joint xmas party. Some of the ladies went to town with their costumes, others were a little more sedate, but all got into the festive spirit.

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Santa, who gave each lady a gift.

We all had a great is a selection of photos.....
 Sue (aka Mrs Christmas)
 Iris (bah humbug !!!)

 A double dose of Robins....sounds painful
Margaret & Pam
 Don't take my photo.... Jean

 I cant believe my eyes..... Carol
What a sweet little rag doll.....she needs a good home (Sue)
 Just realised it's Sue that's just walked in.....
 She looks a bit wooden standing there.....oh she's meant to look wooden she's a tree!!!
 Don't know what sort of club I've joined here.....newbie Sheila
 I'm here from the Elf Department !!
 Watch out Mrs Santa you've got competition for Santa's affections

 I borrowed this jumper from my daughter....
 Santa has arrived  Hooray !!!!!
 Mrs Santa has to organise Santa ..... Men !!!!!!
A wave from Santa before the pressies are handed out.