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Hi my name is Janice and I help Sue run the group. Hopefully we will be able to keep this blog up and running. There will be loads of photos of all our cards, and other completed projects.
Come along if you want to learn how to do stitching on cards. We are a friendly lot!!
Call Sue Willmouth on 01322 663781 or me Janice 07546539515 for more information.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Few more from the ladies

Hi Everyone
Here a few more items from the ladies at the club.  They are busy little bees, keeping me on my toes to keep up with posts on this blog.
The writing will be minimum as I am trying to keep 3 blogs on the go.

Check out  please comment on there, she is getting frustrated not getting too many comments, bless her.  I am the one doing the blog for her.

Mine might be worth having a look at sometime (if I ever get chance to update it haha)

These 2 lovely cards by Carol

Cute little bags by Dee

Made from paper and she is going to give demo on Friday

Beautiful Beaded and stitched Umbrella by Grace

Four love Christmas cards stitched and beaded by Linda

Beautiful jumper knitted by Irene.

Sorry Irene don't know where the colour has gone LOL!!

To anyone who hasn't seen it it is a lovely shade of Blue.

(never mind can't win em all)

Well that's it for this week, I will do some more next week and maybe get something on my blog. 

Take care
Love Sue xx

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